Dr. Sherlock Holmes Series

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‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’, said the late Steve Jobs at Stanford convocation ceremony. These words struck a chord in me and have been at the heart of my journey in the field of medicine. Curiosity towards everything has always been inherent in me, which probably shaped my hobbies that mostly consisted of mind games, puzzles and detective novels like the Sherlock Holmes series. But my inquisitiveness was channelized into gaining useful knowledge after listening to Steve Jobs and it naturally transformed into me choosing the field of Internal Medicine as my career choice. Sherlock Holmes once said, “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact!” Such is the field of Internal Medicine that the facts, which we think are very simple, are actually the ones that have a potential to completely change the game. Keeping this in mind, I have valued the quality of giving utmost importance to even the tiniest detail and have always tried to nurture the same in me. My hunger for knowledge and having the courage to ask questions for the same, without thinking about consequences, is what sets me apart. My diligence for perfection, meticulous nature, enthusiasm for solving puzzles and inclination towards keeping in touch with my empathetic side while interacting with patients reinforced my choice of Internal Medicine. In the years of my medical school my interaction with patients during clinical rotations sharpened my communication skills so as to gain maximum information possible
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