Dr. Sigmund Freud 's Theory Essay

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Icebergs, sexual relations with parents, and repressed memories are what every student understands as they walk out of introductory psychology classes. Until my graduate level class I had no idea that there was more to Dr. Sigmund Freud’s (1856-1939) thoughts and theories. In my mind Freud was the reason for victim blaming in today’s culture and helped contribute to the systematic sexism that women face in today’s society; I even wrote about that in my response to some of his readings that he was the cause of all evil in the world essentially. While Freud is the cause for a lot of these ideas, and he was a sexist, he is not the perpetrator of these ideas, and he was not a sick pervert who was into children. He was a devoted father, passionate researcher, and a spearhead for new and innovated research into a new field that has led to further research today and has helped to keep psychologists thinking and moving forward—whether it be to disprove his thoughts or to validate them, he got people talking. Since 1987, he has been cited more than 458,000 times (Google Scholar, 2016) over a 300 different original sources from him (Cherry, 2016). He has led to massive amounts of research being done and without his contributions psychology would not have been able to progress to where it is, but people do not understand the scope of his impact because they become distracted by what he “said” and what his theory claims according to the current translations. There are many ways people
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