Dr. Steven M. Quiring

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Introduction and overview
Dr. Steven M. Quiring (hereinafter, Dr. Quiring) is a climatologist, associate professor and graduate director in the Department of Geography at Texas A&M University. As his research assistant, I felt so happy to work with such an excellent, patient, and easygoing scholar over this semester. And I was fortunate to be assigned to interview him so as to have an opportunity to know him better. Dr. Quiring and I met at his office on Tuesday, November 17th. Due to he is one of the busiest faculty members in the department of geography, so finally we conducted a short half-hour interview. We talked about his research, career path, the qualities and skills that he deems a successful geographer should have, and his understanding of geography, et al. I truly enjoyed my conversation with his. And I learned a lot about how to be a successful Ph.D. student, and how to effectively manage the time through this interview.
Summary of the interview
When I asked him why he chooses geography as his major and eventually become a geography professor, he mentioned two reasons:
“Interest is the best teacher.” He talked about his undergraduate study. When he was a university freshman, his first major is Business Computing, which he described as a kind of combination of computer science and business. In the first semester, he took some programming classes, which he really enjoyed and were very helpful for his current climate research. However, a majority of the time was…
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