Dr Strange Psychology

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Doctor Strange, a very strange movie indeed, and if you like mystery, magic, and a multiverse with different dimensions then this is the right movie for you. Doctor Strange is part of the Marvel universe, which includes Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man. While the Avengers protect the world from physical threats, this movie takes us to a whole new level of mystical threats, much more dangerous than the threats within our world itself, consisting of very powerful characters and ancient magic. We are introduced to a much bigger reality which we learn is also protected by a different group of people that no normal human being knows of. While Doctor Strange gets in a fatal car accident, he faces many tough choices and learns of ancient…show more content…
We seem to get the vibe that he is very arrogant, has a sarcastic sense of humor, and is very one-minded and always uses science to back him up. He his very wealthy from his job, and even has a whole cabinet of expensive watches. Unfortunately, on a quiet night, he got in a fatal accident while driving his Lamborghini, involving rolling off a small cliff and down a hill. This results in disastrous injury, and also messed up his hands. Doctor strange is no longer an actual doctor, for without his hands at full recovery he cannot be a surgeon. With all his money and resources, he tried everything to get his unrepairable nerves fixed, but everyone told him it’s just not possible. Strange wanted to fix his own hands, being the great doctor that he is, but ironically he can't use his hands to fix his hands. He looked everywhere for a cure, but could not find it. Doctor Strange later hears of a guy that had similar injuries whom were also impossible to fix, but apparently he fixed them. He met that guy, and the guy told him there is a special place that cured his nerve damages. Strange heads to this mysterious place in Tibet as his last hope after losing everything he had, including his girlfriend. While he was about to be ganged up on by four robbers, a man from the temple saves him and invites him…show more content…
From my perspective, they did a very great job using all these special film techniques, especially in a movie that's all about magic and strange things. There was a scene where Doctor Strange was endlessly falling and it feels like a rollercoaster if you watch it on a big screen, and it was very enjoyable. There was a lot of nice architectural designs and different ideas of unique universes and realms that open up your mind about our universe itself. There was a great choice of music that pulls you in and puts you in a certain mood depending on the situation, whether it was dramatic or a certain plot twist. Overall, they did a great job producing this film and the special effects worked very
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