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Dr. Terry W. Thompson, an influential professor at the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Georgia Southern University, skillfully analyzes the failed father and son relationships in his essay “Shelley’s Frankenstein.” Dr. Thompson offers background information on subtleties within the novel, which are not easily associated without the knowledge of historical figures and Greek mythology. He focuses this vast background knowledge on connecting the failed father and son relationship of Victor Frankenstein and the creature. While many would agree that Mary Shelley’s references to historical figures excellently support the failed father and son relationship theme in the book, Dr. Thompson’s essay is weakened by failing to expound on one of his examples and by omitting several other father and son relationships within the novel. The majority of Dr. Thomas’ essay is spent focused on connecting the historical figure, King Arthur to Victor Frankenstein. While Victor and his friend Henry Clerval are visiting the city of Edinburgh, Victor marvels at a “romantic castle” and the famous “Arthur’s Seat” (Shelley, ch. 17). Dr. Thompson explains that King Arthur had an adulterous affair, which produced an illegitimate son named Modred (85). Instead of loving and nurturing his son, King Arthur attempts to drown the child (Thompson 86). Like Arthur, Victor created an illegitimate child in an unnatural way. After realizing the hideousness of his creation and the enormity of his

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