12 Habits Of Exceptional Leaders Summary

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Throughout history, the most important and influential leaders have been recognized for their positive or negative impact among various civilizations. Regardless of their outcomes, great leaders around the world undeniably share particular traits or skills that have enabled them to achieve their vision. Dr. Travis Bradberry’s 12 Habits of Exceptional Leaders, attempts to deliver a condensed list of essential elements that characterize great leaders. According to the author, great leaders possess a variety of 12 unique traits that individuals can follow to enhance their leadership skills. Although the author offers a clear summation of these elements, the article is vaguely credible as it fails to provide evidence and effective methods to…show more content…
In order to become effective communicators, one must understand the communication process. The basic communication process according to out textbook consists of five steps that begin with an idea that must be transmitted. An idea is effectively transmitted when the receiver comprehends the message as the sender intended. Therefore, analyzing and anticipating the audience are crucial milestones one must complete before transmitting an idea. Particularly, when leaders seek to inspire others to adopt the vision of the business and make it their own.
In conclusion, Dr. Bradberry’s 12 Habits of Exceptional Leaders provides an interesting and introductory list of the essential elements of great leadership. As previously noted, I believe the information presented is vaguely credible as it fails to provide evidence and effective methods to acquire these traits. Even though his article lacks additional evidential facts to support his allegations, the author made considerable points that distinctly relate with my business experience and the course material in this
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