Dr. Verhoeve Malpractice Case Report

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I am also filing a complaint that in January 2014, Dr. Derk attempted to perform surgery on me when I was experiencing overstimulation on my ovaries, due to IVF. I insisted she was not allowed to perform surgery on me, due to an overstimulation, because it would damage my uterus. I believe for a year, after my fibroid surgery, I dealt with chronic pain, due to Dr. Derk and Dr. Verhoeve malpractice of the surgery from July 2014. At this moment, I am being treated for post dramatic stress from a therapist.

I believe if Dr. Verhoeve would have been honest enough to communicated to me, and my Dutch partner that he would have had a resident student or assistant doctor participate in the surgery, then I would have ask him the name of the Doctor, and then questioned the assistant doctor, so I could have felt more comfortable ,and had a choice in the matter. I would have never allowed Dr. Derk to perform surgery on me,if it was basedon my choice, because I did not feel
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Derk about my surgery which toke place at OLVG Hospital. AMC set up an appointment for me to meet with a new gynecologist, which stated they would need to review my medical records in order to have a better understanding of what toke place, during and after my surgery at OLVG.
AMC stated it would take a month before they could meet with me again, until they received my medical records. I politely ask AMC, if they could contact Dr. Derk, so I could speak to her about my surgery. I believe later that evening, AMC contacted me and stated,” Dr. Derk has no desire or intention to speak with me about the surgery.” I was surprise that Dr, Derk refuse to speak with me about the surgery. At that time I was very clear that I wanted to speak with her at OLVG or AMC about the surgery. I believe her conduct was unprofessional and unethical in refusing to speak with me about the
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