Dr. W. Edwards Deming Was Born October 14, 1900 In Sioux

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Dr. W. Edwards Deming was born October 14, 1900 in Sioux City, Iowa. He grew up on a 300-acre farm near Des Moines, Iowa with his parents and brother. Until 1906, when the Deming Family relocated to Wyoming where they resumed farming and growing crops. In part to the farming lifestyle the Deming’s had, Dr. Deming grew to be quite frugal and was opposed to of any kind of waste. His demeanor was likely a result of the hard economic times in the early to mid-1900’s as well. Three years after the Deming’s took residence in Wyoming, their Daughter was born. Dr. Deming was able to attend college by working various jobs to pay his tuition. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Wyoming in 1921. He…show more content…
to assist and improve their businesses and industries. He also earned a multitude of prestigious awards and gained memberships to notable organizations. In 1982, Deming published his book, “Out of the Crisis”, which “offers a theory of management based on his famous 14 Points for Management and shows how American companies require nothing less than a transformation of management style and of governmental relations with industry. In simple, direct language, he explained the principles of management transformation and how to apply them.” Deming lived until December 20, 1993. His legacy remains through his Deming Principles. Deming has fourteen key principals. They can be applied to many different types of business. Deming has designed the process to continually approve. The fourteen key principals are: 1. Creating consistency of purpose to continue to drive performance. 2. Western management must adopt the new philosophy and take on the leadership for change. 3. Quality must be built in to the initial process. We must eliminate the need for quality inspections by building quality into the initial structure. 4. Minimize total cost by moving towards a single supplier for any one item, and concentrate on a long-term relationship of loyalty and

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