Dr. W. Scott Harrington Case Study

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An Oklahoma dentist, Dr. W. Scott Harrington, is being accused of putting thousands of patients at risk. Scott Harrington has been licensed to practice dentistry in the state since the late 1970’s. Inspectors went to Harrington’s office after a patient with no known risk factors tested positive for Hepatitis C, and the virus that causes AIDS, eventually pointing out that Harrington is a “menace to the public health.” The Oklahoma in Tulsa health department sent letters to 7,000 patients, treated at his clinic since 2007, urging them to get tested. Once results came in, the state health department said approximately ninety patients have been tested positive for Hepatitis C, six for Hepatitis B, and four for HIV. The state and local officials announced Harrington’s office was found unsanitary with rusted instruments, improper sterilization procedures, lack of infection control measures, and disorganized drug cabinets with expired medications. The legal terms and laws cited pertaining to this case, is that Harrington threatened public health by…show more content…
In some areas, revoking his license and being done with the case was just an easy way out. Not only did he never apologize, but he never attended the meetings regarding the unprofessional and unlawful practices. This shows that he has no care toward the infected patients and his own career. The State Board accepting and agreeing to separate him from patient care was a professional agreement, that will also help to protect the public from cases like these. Harrington has been in the Dental field since the late 1970's and I believe that from the experience he has had over the years, that he would know that following the correct guidelines can help protect the consumer, employees, and himself. I believe that he should have maintained professional boundaries for the patients needs and not for himself and his
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