Dr. Wayne Lee 's The Diabetes And Obesity Research Institute Essay

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The first time I stepped foot in the operating room it felt like it was a fantasy. I would see operating rooms in many different shows on television but I never thought that I could find myself in one until medical school. However, the Pre-Healthcare Program partnered me with an extraordinary mentor that allowed me to come into the operating room and into patient rooms so often that I felt that I was part of the medical team. Soon after starting the program I became accustomed to being in the operating room and in the hospital itself. I learned my way around the hospital especially floor 5, which is where I spent most of my time. I met incredible individuals such as my mentor Dr. Burch who continues to serve as a great mentor, Dr. Wayne Lee who I greatly thank for his detailed explanations and drawings of the surgical procedures performed, and some researchers that gave me incredible advice on my future endeavors. Dr. Ader the associate director of the Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute is one individual I had the incredible pleasure to speak to. She spoke to me of my already increasing interest in diabetes and obesity and spoke to me about the nonlinear path of life. She encouraged me to seek out any opportunities that arise even if I believe that I am not interested in that moment, since any exposure to a different path other than what I visualize in my future can either inspire a passion or teach me something invaluable. This program has played a pivotal role for

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