Dr. Williams's Speech

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Dr. Williams stresses the importance of talking to your patients and nurses. He tells me that when you talk to someone you learn a lot more than when you don’t. He tells me that people who document well, do not converse well. He admits he does not document well but he has great communication with his patients and that helps. He also tells me that it is important to document because otherwise insurance companies will not pay as much. I see more of the jaded side of him in the sense that he’ll have excellent bedside manner but as soon as we walk out of the room he’ll crack a joke about the patient or something they said. One of the patients there has a daughter who is extremely obese and after walking out Dr. Williams says, “There’s a four-hundred-pounder. She’s got enough yeast to be making donuts under all those rolls.” He then tells me the importance of not overeating and how he wishes people didn’t because it makes medical practice much more difficult. He tells me how to get around the difficulties of trying to get an IV in an overweight person or when they weigh too much to have a CAT scan. We visit many elderly patients tonight. We run EKG’s on some to find that one is normal but the other two have CHF. We also conduct an EKG in the trauma room in which Dr. Williams notices a rare heart rhythm that he’s only seen four other times in twenty-five years. He teaches me about the p and q waves on the EKGs. HOUR FOUR 11:00 P.M. We spend time reviewing X-Rays. He teaches
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