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Written in 1897, the greatest horror book in its time was created, Dracula, by Bram Stocker. This book contained different aspects of vampirism that was had associated itself with flight of the imagination of romanticism. Freud's idea of psychoanalysis was basically intertwined with this book, because his psychoanalytical reasoning's was based on this book. "All human experiences of morbid dread and aggressive wishes and in vampirism we see these repressed wishes becoming plainly visible." -Sigmund Freud. The way psychoanalysis and this book relate is how the Victorian ideology affects the war how people think and act according to the situation. Such as many of the characters in this book had suffered from the fog of confusion which they…show more content…
This causes the people in the city and his wife to be, worried and quite curious about his whereabouts. Another example of psychoanalysis was used in the novel would be when Dr. Seward irrationalizes the situation of which Mina was transforming into a vampire. The reason he ignores the symptoms of Mina, is because he believes that there has to be something else wrong with her such as an infection. He does not realize that the same symptoms were noticed on Lucy which goes along the lines of how Victorian ideology affects people in this time period. Not only does it affect them but it may affect others as well. This caused the life of Lucy and roughly Mina's; even though Mina's life was spared his job was basically put into question. His beliefs have the better then him as of right now. "The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water." This quote describes how the mind is still operational even when only a small portion of it is still functioning. Dr. Van Helsing rather was a doctor that actually thought rationally considering the others and was the only one that knew what was going on with Lucy's "illness". Dr. Seward as of right now is more of a threat to situation instead of helping resolve this issue. Well basically the reason Victorian ideology, taking any part of the novel explains the confusion and also the difficult situations. These beliefs have been somewhat dangerous, because this is the

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