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Dracula By Emily Braren Block 3 Dracula has multi-personalities in the novel Dracula, such as charming when he needed to be charming; and then cruel, nasty, and hostile, at other times. Dracula’s “force”, you could say, had effect on the personalities of several people. Dracula’s main themes he brought out in people were the kind, noble, and brave sides of people, and the more unpleasant sides of people, such as the vicious, easily disliked, and possessed sides of people. The person who the most faithful follower of Dracula, and the person who was most affected by the presence of Dracula was the infamous asylum patient, Renfield. When Dracula was around, he often took on a possessed quality. He also acted strange, and would run…show more content…
Although Dracula never intended to have the positive effects on Jonathan Harker, they were still presented due to Jonathan Harker’s will power. (“I want to get away at once…” Dracula page 57). Some last good effects put upon Jonathan Harker by Dracula included a better understanding of people, and more of a passion to do the right thing. My personal favorite qualities Dracula presented to Jonathan Harker were the qualities of nobility, strength, and a fierce desire to do the right thing. Mina Harker, although not changed and possessed the most, was my favorite character because she demonstrated several good qualities throughout the book. Some of the qualities she displayed were not all influenced by Dracula, such as her true kindness and the passion of caring for people that were close to her, or not close to her. These two characteristics displayed in Mina Harker continued, however, even when she was influenced by Dracula. In fact, these qualities often grew stronger when she was put under the influence of Dracula. (I know you must fight- and you must destroy even as you destroyed the fake Lucy…” Dracula page 328). Throughout the story, Mina wanted to help, and she showed several times her strength against Dracula, and her passion of doing the right thing, such as offering herself to be killed if she was possessed and turned into a full vampire and channeling the evil, demonized spirits of Dracula through herself to locate the vampire, Count Dracula

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