Dracula Influence On Dracula

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Priscilla Castillo
Professor Elder
English 99
October 1, 2017 Dear Elder, The purpose of writing this paper was, to explain how vampires, have been influenced by Bram Stroker’s Dracula novel. As well how Dracula and vampires have influenced the Victorian era and gothic genre. The process that this paper and I have gone through, was a mesmerizing one. I’ve learned so much more about vampires and why they were created in the Victorian era. As well the impact that the original Dracula had back then and now. The difficult part of this journey was the choosing of the prompt. I wanted to challenge myself, so I chose prompt 3, and it gave me the challenge I was looking for. This challenge has made such an impact on my English. It has made it stronger and more improved than before. The feedbacks and reactions I received were positive, and there some few errors, but that’s all part of the process of improving. I would really appreciate that, my paper be checked again, just to know where else I can improve on more. Overall this experience was an amazing one, and I hope to keep continuing writing in general, in order to improve my English. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Priscilla Castillo Priscilla Castillo
Professor Jeanene
English 99
26 September 2017 The Vampire Influence Prompt 3 Vampires are creatures of the undead and night. These Monsters represent our fears and desires. They play a big role in societies today and back then. Even though
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