Dracula Reflection

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When you hear the word Dracula, what words do you associate with him? Dead, scary, vampire? For most, it would be all of the above. However, when speaking about Dracula, no one hardly utter the word man. Dracual depiction drew a fine line of him being both man and monster, but can we really say that he is of man when his able to turn into different creatures? Dracula's complex personality and human form will be discussed throughly in this essay, while also touching on the subject of his sexual needs and wants.

When Stoker's character, Dracula is first described in the novel he is described as having a very stong face, thin nose, lofty forehead, massive eyebrows and a rather cruel looking mouth and moustache (22). Reading a description
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Transforming into other creatures is unnatural, it is of the evil or in this case the undead for Dracula.

The undead was quite prevalent in this novel because the blood sucking vampire, Dracula would feed on the living until he they finally became dead, then turing into a vampire themseleves. The fact that we have a man who seems normal on the surface is what makes the Dracual character so uncanning. He seems like an average person, despite the way he looks at first, but after understanding what he is capable of we almost feel taunted and confused because he is in fact a monster and had been the entire time. Uncanning means something that is familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time and is shown to of unnatural behavior or acts. Dracula's normal interaction with Jonathan Harker made us view him as a man, but once his revealed as sleeping in a box, climbing walls, powerful force over animals the distinction of him being relatble to us is no longer there.

So to interpret Dracula from a psychoanalytical point of view, many acts of sex appears in the story. Dracula's mean of surving is a significant example. In order to live, he has to suck blood from another living being. In the story, Dracula had his attraction to the female characters to sustain off of, which once again makes him seem more like a man to have sexual interaction with the female characters. He became the wedge in many of the character relationships. Dracula came
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