Dracula vs Blade

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Essay – The Consequence Of Modernity

The context of a point of time in history greatly influences an author’s idea to create a story, and for someone else to evolve them. Events occurring within society and the way people perceive other’s at a time also contributes majorly to the development of modernity. Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’ and David Goyer’s film ‘Blade Trinity’ contrast significantly as a result of difference in context.

Weaponry had developed immensely over the two stories to cater for the advancements from one classic vampire to a fresh, modern, powerful one. The story of ‘Dracula’, set in Victorian times, consists of the simple, almost primitive weaponry, particularly ones of a superstitious and religious value. For
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Differing context can prove to not only impact how a character is portrayed visually, but also how society perceives them, particularly with the uncertain concept of vampires possibly still being a myth or legend within both texts. Stoker’s Dracula was generally feared by his surrounding community, and believers of vampires tended to be over-superstitious of the danger he may bring to people. The myth of vampires was a topic infrequently found in an average conversation, as it was dreaded that even discussion would transport cursed luck and risks. Superstition is conveyed through the scene of the innkeeper’s wife delivering the ominous warning to Harker by cautioning him that “All the evil things in the world will have full sway”, before placing the Crucifix around his neck as a religious offering to hopefully serve the purpose of protection. This gives the effect that Dracula has a power above others, simply because they are fearful of him. Also, the way Dracula is written about expresses a sense that he may or may not intentionally give off an unwelcoming presence that tends to linger and produce a discomfort or fear among people within his surroundings, mostly in the earlier chapters of the novel. The contrast in comparison to society’s perception of Drake is tremendous, as the myth or legend of vampires is far from a secret in the 21st century world of ‘Blade

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