Drag Queen Analysis

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Drag queens have spent years performing for themselves and for many other people. Their shows today are a way to express themselves and make people question what they know about gender and sexuality. Rupp and Taylor in their book, “Drag Queens at the 801 Cabaret” discuss this subject in detail, calling their performances a form of protest. They question the roles that society has put them into, and in turn provoke their audiences to question these things, such as gender and sexuality. This type of social protest is called “subversion.” Through this book, we can more specifically look at two types of subversion that played a major role in the 801 drag queen’s performances. The first, and most obvious, is the idea of masculinity versus femininity, and how the Queens use different techniques to break free from the traditional way of thinking about these concepts. The second is the overt way that the Queens portray sex and sexuality, in ways that are impossible for the audience to ignore. Both these types of subversion have an overarching theme of crossing boundaries, whether over the division of the gender binary, or the limits of what is socially acceptable to talk about regarding sex. Drag queens envelop the audience and take many of them out of their comfort zone.
What it means to be feminine and masculine in our society has been drilled into each and every one of us since birth. Men are taught to act a certain way, so as to be the breadwinners and protectors of women. Women
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