Dragon Rider: To Think Without Thinking

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To Think Without Thinking “Armaila, can you tell me what the most important thing for you and Perpula to learn is?” Questioned Florine, stepping over a rotting log. Armaila was surprised at the Fairies abilities; she was able to travel all day on foot without tiring. “Fighting? Magic?” Armaila's aunt and uncle rode their horses, which Florine had no trouble keeping up to at a gentle trot. Florine had insisted upon her riding Perpula now, who had grown to at least the size of a large pony in the last two days of their travel. Florine chuckled, “Yes, they are important to learn... But no, that is not the answer I was looking for. Armaila, you and Perpula have a special bond with each other, but you both need to learn…show more content…
“Doesn’t it say, in the Bible , how God sent out armies to kill other armies in war? Well, we are at war too. Good against the evil. Our king is good, but even with the Fairies as allies, his power is small. We need the power of a Dragon and her Rider to make the land we live in safe again. Where you lived, it was not that bad—the odd thief or beating. But out there, it is...worse.” Marie fell silent; but Armaila could tell she would not remain that way. Perpula craned her neck to stare at her travailing companions. “All of you keep talking about this God; some of you might have forgotten, but I'm not even a week old. Only three days. Who is God?” This time it was Earl who spoke. “Yes Perpula, you are right. I for one, did forget. It is your mature personality I think.” Armaila felt a twinge of pain as she bit her lower lip to suppress her laughter as Perpula released a satisfied little snort at Earls complement. “God is the Creator of the world—of the entire Universe. He created everything.” The extensive conversation of Adam-and-Eve-right-through-the-life-of-Christ lasted for almost half an hour, helping to pass the miles by quicker. The sun quickly moved to nearly the middle of the warm summer sky. Armaila smiled to herself. She always knew her uncle would have made a wonderful preacher, but instead he chose to settle down and become a farmer. It is a pity they were never able to have any children, Armaila thought, as

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