Drainflow Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy

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Potential effectiveness of a Cash Reward System and Structured Interview Program for DrainFlow
Report for the Manager

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Report Summary
1. Executive Summary
DrainFlow, a plumbing maintenance firm in the USA, has been losing its customers to competitors due to poor services. Job motivation and satisfaction among employees is declining across various job categories within the firm. This dissatisfaction has been attributed to the overspecialization of some job functions in the company. The report attempts to assist
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This will help communicate the interdependence of work from one group and the other through the order to bill process. Task significance is the degree to which the job affects the organization and society. There no feedback channels in the firm at present and as such it’s difficult to measure customer satisfaction. Autonomy will provide the freedom, independence and discretion in scheduling work and determining the procedure to be used in accomplishing it. DrainFlow has a preplanned and stringent procedure to follow. Feedback will provide employees with direct and clear information about their own performance. DrainFlow’s employees haven’t that information to assess their performance.


Incentive Scheme
DrainFlow has no incentive scheme in place that will motivate employees to put any extra effort on the job. The present reward system is based on skill and qualification. Plumbers are rewarded the most as compared to the others because of their level of skill and not on performance. Generally, reward systems tend to motivate employees better when they are:     linked to performance; the rewards are important, when team rewards are used for interdependent jobs and those rewards are valuable.

Lee’s attempt to salvage DrainFlow by introducing the reward system is laudable but it will need a few modifications. 3.3.

Recruitment Practices
The current recruitment processes by DrainFlow are based on unstructured

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