Drake Community Reflection

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once. The final characteristic discussed in this article is practice of civic responsibility, this basically means that the project addresses an issue that is important to the community in which an individual lives. We are all from different places and backgrounds but we all live in the Drake community and issues that are important to the Drake neighborhood should be important to us. Kellerman’s “What Every Leader Needs to Know About Followers” is one of my favorite articles that we have read in the LEAD concentration it was one of the first things I read as a freshman in Lead 001. I was so impressed that we started our leadership journey by recognizing the importance of the followers. It helped me to see that I can make a difference as a leader or as a follower which is a reassuring thing for me because at that point in my leadership education I was not confident in my ability to be a leader and so even if I never learn to be a great leader I can be the best follower I can be. Much like the Drucker article this piece equates the success and even the existence of leaders to the presence of followers. I like the way that Kellerman explains the important position followers play, “good followers invest time and energy in making informed judgements about who their leaders are and what they espouse. Then they take appropriate action.” This quote does an excellent job of demonstrating the responsibility that followers must make educated decisions and utilize their time and
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