Drake's Passage Is The Worst Ocean On The World

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“The ocean that had chased them back and made them flee for the shelter of the ice pack is the worst ocean on the globe.”(82) Drake's Passage can be considered to be “the worst ocean on the globe”(82) by many. This treacherous ocean is an 800 kilometer wide gap between South america’s Cape Horn and South Shetland Island of Antarctica. What makes Drakes passage considered to be the worst on the globe? Sailing through this passage is incredibly dangerous because of its insane winds. On the Beaufort scale is has known to have winds from category 10-123. Drakes passage is extremely deep. The Average depth being 11,000 feet and the deepest trench going all the way down 15,400 feet4. Drakes passage is known to have two different moods. The first one is the drake Lake it is when the ocean is a clear as a lake with no wind or waves just nice sailing. Normally it's the second mood the drake shake, this is when the passage has ferocious roaring winds which creates enormous waves, not a fun time. In 1578 there was an Explorer named Sir Francis Drake that went through the Strait of Magellan. When he went through the Strait of Magellan he lost 4 ships. After his last ship made it through it got pushed farther south and that's when drake realized that there is a another route for ships further south. Then the bottleneck was named Drake Passage after him.

“The southern ocean carries strange that often run against the prevailing winds,causing a broken, turbulent surface and stirring up
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