Drama Assignment

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LHE 3253
Assignment 1
Dorothy Ting Siao Wei 153071
Dr. Habsah Bt Hussin
Submission date: 19 Oct 2011

1. One of the themes of this play is false relationship among family members. Quote the part(s) in the play where you can discern this theme. Throughout the play the theme false relationship among family members is seen. Firstly, it is seen in the character of Bassi. Bassi is not related to Okorie at all but is seen to be always around the house attending to Okorie. It is as if she is his wife when she is not at all. She is actually married elsewhere and have kids. This is seen in several parts where she appears.
“ Bassi: It is enough, Grandfather. Long talk make you tired. Come,
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It seemed like all that does not matter at all anymore. Everything is about their own pleasure and comfort and no one else.

3. Mrs. Pearson’s difficulty in speaking her mind and communicating the truth with her family had caused her much unhappiness. Quote the part(s) in the Play where you can discern this quality in Mrs. Pearson. There are several parts in the play where Mrs. Pearson depicts her difficulty in speaking her mind and conveying the truth with her family. Firstly is when Mrs. Fitzgerald came to visit her at her house and they were talking casually when the subject of her unhappiness in her home came up. When Mrs. Fitzgerald advised her to be firm and do something about it she became apologetic saying, “That’s easier said than done. Besides, I’m so fond of them even if they are so thoughtless and selfish. They don’t mean to be…” It shows that she does love her family although they are thoughtless and selfish but she gave them too much leeway that they mistreated her by not thinking about her but only themselves. She finds it hard to speak her mind also because she doesn’t like confrontations and she is mighty afraid to make others feel unpleasant. She doesn’t know how to tell them how she felt. She only drops hints to them. This is seen later when she said, “I – keep dropping a hint…” and “… But I do hate any unpleasantness. And it’s so hard to know where to start. I keep making up my mind to

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