Drama GCSE Unit One Theme: Capital Punishment Essay

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For the first performance, the stimulus was the word ‘guilt’. I had to enact one of three people in a line-up and reiterate the sentence ‘relax, it’ll be over soon.’ Our story line consisted of a line-up with 3 suspects; one being guilty of sexual assault. This associates to the stimulus as only one character involved was guilty, but because of the circumstances, us as the other characters also looked guilty, it was the audience’s task to then deduce that Kyle was actually culpable of the crime.

As one of the suspects, I had to appear intimidating so I frowned and stared forebodingly at the audience. When I repeated the sentence, I declared it forcefully and rudely to also suggest that I was angry. In terms of body language, I had
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The space we included then almost contrasted this idea of power and superiority as Stephen’s distance reinforced the idea of vulnerability, exposing his fear and apprehension of being near the criminals.

We also used a climax in our performance to build up the tension for the audience. Stephen asked each of us one-by-one to step forward and repeat the line, as he prolonged his answer as to who he believed to be the guilty suspect. This conclusively built up the tension for the audience as with the aforementioned use of dramatic irony, they already knew who it was and subsequently had to wait in anticipation to see if Stephen would select the correct person.

I believe our performance related to the chosen theme because it showed characters who felt guilty just purely under circumstance, a character that was genuinely guilty of the crime and those that didn’t feel guilty at all.


Intonation is the level of stress you place on certain words which ultimately effect/ change the meaning of what is being said.

The stimulus for this performance was the phrase ‘Let him have it’. I had to say the phrase three times; each of which consisting of a different meaning. Our performance contained three different story-lines, all comprising the phrase ‘let him have it’ with an altered meaning. The first time entailed two children playing a video game, and shouting the
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