Drama Is Not Just Composed By The Actors Essay

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Drama is not just consisting by the actors ' dialogue and movements; there is also a very special consist part is chorus. Chorus usually plays a pretty important role in drama, and it also has different functions in different storyline, and promotes the process of the story. Its location is irreplaceable. This paper will take the scripts, which are Lysistrata (Aritophanes) and Despatch (Angie Farrow, 2015) as the example, comparative analysis the role of the chorus in this two scripts. It will discuss the narrative device of the ‘chorus’ functions. The way to help the story of the play telling by chorus and allow the narrative to unfold will be discussed in this paper, too. The role of the chorus in the drama is just like a novel or a story 's narrator. In the case of the chorus does not involve the using of lines of actors, it tells a story to the audience and provide some information to them. For example, it tells the narrative structure of the drama, and succinct information or comments. Chorus connects the relationship between the audience and the actors, and became an intermediary agent between drama and the audience. The audience through the chorus to blend into the story, but the chorus is not let audience immersed in the story completely while they watching it, it guaranteed to help viewers to watch the drama as an onlooker. It can help audience to follow the story framework and rhythm of the drama by what they designed. Firstly, when the chorus appears as a

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