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Supporting Notes. Play – My Mother said I never should, written by Charlotte Keatly. Skill - Acting Practioner – Max Stafford-Clark. Role – Margaret Section 1: -700 Max Stafford-Clark is one of the most influential directors to embrace British Theatre in the past 40 years. Nearly every play Max has directed is political, including themes such as Marxism (like Brecht), socialism, feminism, poverty and many more political themes. Max says he chooses to direct plays like this because “I am socially curious, and I take theatre as tool of investigating society” from his book Letter’s to George, which…show more content…
Our intentions for this piece are to raise the issues of underage sex, and how it can affect you, but also your family and people around you. Also to give over the point that social view has changed swiftly over time. Our aim is not for the audience to be drawn in to the plot of the play, but to make them think and what affect is given off and how the consequences of different acts and attitudes towards the subject of the play, and make them take a step back, and realise the harsh reality that has happened in the play, and why this occurred, due to the irrespective view of the time period. Our target audience would be any generation. This was so that people could see other views on the plays situation as well as their own beliefs and think about it. Due to this, this meant that we had to find the right scenes to perform so that we could get across the situation and beliefs that the play required us to. This was a confusing and challenging process, as there are many scenes relevant to the intentions of the play, but i believe we persevered, and choose the right scenes to do so. In relation to Max Stafford-Clark, we choose to use a minimalistic and un-naturalistic set like he also tends to use in his plays, for example ‘The Convicts Opera’, where they did exactly this. In relation to our choice of set we decided to choose a minimalistic set also, this was so we didn’t draw the audience into the storyline and making them be able to
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