Drama and Suspense in The Steel Windpipe Essay

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How does the author make use of drama and suspense effectively, in The Steel Windpipe? “The Steel Windpipe” Is the story of a youthful, recently qualified Russian doctor, who is forced to perform his first genuine operation, much sooner than he anticipated, when a young girl is unable to breath. Throughout the story the doctor is portrayed as a very nervous and hesitant young man. He is unsure of his ability to complete the operation successfully; this shows him as a very self-conscious person. This self doubt and uncertainty in the doctor increases the suspense and in particular the tension in the story. The reader does not have faith in the doctor’s abilities or judgments. This aspect of insecurity entrances the reader and…show more content…
As the doctor sits in his living room he muses about “worst-case-scenarios” and gives the impression that he regrets becoming a doctor and thinks he was foolish to study medicine. As the doctor frets over what he might have to do if a patient in need of a complex operation were to require his help, the reader can almost predict what the rest of the story has in store. However this does not bore the reader. On the contrary, it adds tension to the story and excites the reader. They are anxious to read on and discover what problems the doctor will encounter and how he will tackle them. “Suppose they bring me a woman in labour and there are complications” “A patient with a strangulated hernia. What shall I do then?” Tension and suspense swells as the doctor sweats at the thought of having to execute a complex operation, such as a strangulated hernia or complicated birth. “More than once I broke out in a cold sweat down my spine at the thought of a hernia.” In the doctors living area there is a stack of medical books teaching how to carry out operations. This shows that the doctor is a studious person. The doctor’s new surroundings seem to be slightly affecting his senses. “My ears had become unusually sensitive” This piece of information makes the reader

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