Dramatic Activities : Dramatic Behavior

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RHET Dramatic Activities Final Paper
1) In order to have a meaningful experience in a dramatic activity, the performer that organized the activity must keep in mind that their main role is “the agent of change”. This role provides them with the responsibility of being in charge of how the participants as a whole gets transformed with the purpose of improving their lives by satisfying the group’s needs. The performer must be able to develop a logical and understandable method for discovering what their target audience lacks as a result of their current situation. They then must focus on how to articulate and portray goal(s) of the performance in a way that allows the actors to learn as they act. Dwight Conquergood supported this idea through his selfless contributions with numerous marginalized groups: ranging from Hmong refugees to local street gangs. He was able to form a deep enough connection with his groups that even lead to him finding homes, employment, and even serving as an advocate for their court cases. Howard Gardner would describe the idea of the performer as an agent of change to be an example of a role that somebody with a lot of interpersonal intelligence– that is, having an understanding of other people’s feelings– should have.
2) The San Francisco Mime Troupe’s “Revenger Rat” was a play that was developed as a result of how the tobacco industry heavily promoted smoking towards teenagers to replace the older groups that either decided to quit or died as a
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