Dramatic Impact On The Color Purple

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Dramatic Impact of The Color Purple by Alice Walker The film, ‘The Color Purple’, was released in 1985 and it is based on the novel published in 1983 by Alice Walker. ‘The Color Purple’ won nine Oscar nominations and was directed by Steven Spielberg. The film, ‘The Color Purple’, tells the story of Celie from the age of 13 through to womanhood. The man she thinks is her father rapes her. She has two children who are both taken away from her. She is forced to marry an older man. He abuses her and treats her with complete disrespect. Her husband separates her from her sister and does not allow Celie to get any mail from her sister. She then meets Shug Avery and she discovers love and support of…show more content…
Slaves had been around for almost 175 years and slaves were predominantly black. Racism was mostly towards black people and comments and physical abuse by white people were common. White people believed that it was correct to treat black people as second-class citizens. Celie is constantly abused because she is black and a woman. Celie is beaten and shouted at because Albert believes it is right and the only way to solve problems and to get her work for him. Celie is treated as a slave and does not receive anything in return. The extract that I am focusing on is split into two parts. There are two different parts of the story, which take place in Africa with Celie’s children and in America with Celie shaving Albert. The two scenes are simultaneous and interlink at some point with the same motions happening at the same time. Celie is shaving Albert and Celie’s children are being inducted into the African tribe but as a scaraficial ritual. We see, in the first part, an empty porch and then Albert walks out with shaving cream on, ready to be shaved. At this point he starts to abuse Celie verbally by telling her what to do and the consequences. He says that, ‘If you cut me, I’ll kill you’, which shows that he is in control but then is vulnerable to attack. As Celie goes to sharpen the razor, we see a close-up of
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