Dramatic Interp Speech Essay

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Dramatic Interpretation
Mick Harte Was Here

Umm, Just let me say, right off the bat, this isn’t the kind of book where you meet the main character and you get to like him real well and then he dies at the end, ’cause I hate those kinds of stories. See, I don’t want to make you cry. I just want to tell you about Mick. But I thought you should know right up front that, well he’s not here anymore. I just thought that it’d be fair to you.


So, it was an accident. And I mean about as “accidental” as you can get, too. He was riding his bike. Like Mick wasn’t riding crazy. Or dodging in and out of traffic. And his hands were on the handlebars. His front tire hit a rock. And he skidded into the back of a passing truck,
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So I stood there and swore that we had both seen a monkey run into the driveway with a little stick in his hand and write “fart” in the concrete. Then—just to make the story even more believable—Mick said the monkey’s name was Zippy. And the two of us had saved the day by chasing him “all the way back to Africa.”
You know, I have this really weird memory, I think. Like I’ve never once been able to remember my parents’ anniversary in time to buy them a card. But I can still remember the exact conversation I had with Santa Claus when I was in kindergarten.
He said to me, “Ho Ho Ho.” And I said, “Your breath smells.”
And he said, “Get down.”
It wasn’t much of a chat, but the point is, it happened eight years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. That’s probably why I can still hear Mick’s voice like he was standing right next to me. You know they say when someone you love dies that you forget how their voice sounds, but that hasn’t happened yet. Which is why I’m not surprised that I still remember everything about the last conversation I had with my brother before his accident. He said to me,
“Hey Phoebe! Wait up! Can you do me a favor? I need you to ride my bike home. Dillon Rigby’s mother is taking a bunch of us to his house so we can rehearse the announcement for Friday’s basketball game.”
And I said, “No Mick, sorry, I’ve got soccer practice after school you’ll just have to do it yourself.”
He said, “Great. Wonderful. Now I have
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