Dramatic Irony In The Color Purple

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The power of strong female relationships allow love in a world filled with male violence, Alice Walker, in The Color Purple, implies symbolism, dramatic irony, and connotation to show how love between females help a young girl get through tough patches of her life. The entire story is told by a young girl who has faced tremendous horrors throughout her life but despite all the odds she still managed to keep her hope. Celie lives her days writing letters to god since no one else can help her get through this although she has no mother, she does have a sister but is too young to understand what Celie goes through a daily basis. No one has helped her bear this moment only god. God is the only one she’s vented her tragic moments to. Just before Celie slowly matures into a woman with enormous confidence her sister, Nettie, is taken away and she is forced to marry a cruel man who isn’t in love with Celie but is with Nettie. As she still lives her abusive life with her husband new people are introduced in the story. A person in particular is Shug. Shug is Celie's husband's mistress who she is going to have nurse. As Shug grows…show more content…
“Us sleep like sisters, me and Shug.” The author uses dramatic irony to show the love Shug has for Celie and what Celie sees in Shug. Celie does not notice the love Shug has for her until Shug tells her she loves her and kisses her entire face including her lips. She is always there for Celie and comforts her when she is in need of it. She has never had anyone love her only Nettie but Nettie was taken away from her. This is something different for Celie, but a good different. Something that excites her. Shug is a role model, mother, sister, lover, best friend and teacher to Celie. She sees how empowered she is and at time wishes to have that power. Little does Celie know Shug will soon teach her how to become strong and confident. She will open her eyes to new
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