Dramatic Irony In The Lady In Davao

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The two ironies I have observed from the material was when Marjorie told Jimmy has to leave her house in Davao just as he leans in to kiss her and she reciprocates the kiss. This is a type of verbal irony wherein Marjorie says something but does the exact opposite of it because she has romantic feelings for the husband of her best friend, Sylvia. A dramatic irony is also shown in the play when Jimmy and Marjorie were flirting with each other in Sylvia’s house while Sylvia and her mother were behind the couch observing everything.

One foreshadowing instance was when Marjorie finally agreed to try and seduce Jimmy. Sylvia left the two alone and after an awkward conversation, the two intently looked at each other for quite some time. From this
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She later realized that Citas, their house help, was the one taking the pills because she had an intimate relationship with the family driver. Back in the day, taking birth control pills was considered a taboo. Filipinos find it nonsensical to use because there is no need to prevent a pregnancy unless you are having an affair or you work at a brothel, most especially for a married woman like Sylvia. It was quite important that all women portray and uphold the values of a “dalagang Filipina” which is demure and submissive to the husband or men in general. Nowadays, women are very outspoken in terms of their rights to act according to what they think is appropriate as an individual. Another dated material shown in the play was when Marjorie was showing the 3 possible ending of the story, one of the scenes was quite vulgar as it showed Marjorie, Sylvia and Jimmy caught in a sexual act together. The scenario can also be considered a taboo back in the day as having a sexual relationship was restricted to married men and women only otherwise they would be mocked by the society. Nowadays, pre-marital sex seems to be the trend, one can be involved with any other person, regardless of the gender and marital status. Additionally, such relationships were not mentioned in public conversations, it was only discussed among close friends but now it has
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