Dramatic Play As A Great Developmental Learning Tool

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When I arrived to Kidwatch Plus, I was assigned to a class where the children’s age range from 4 to 4.5 years old. When I walking the class the children were finishing up with lunch. After lunch they have 30 minute of free play. The teacher asked me to pick an area where I wanted to observe the children and I picked the dramatic play area. In dramatic play children pretend to be someone or something different than themselves. Dramatic play can be a great developmental learning tool because it allows children to develop skills in areas such as abstract thinking, literacy, math, natural and social studies, specially helps them to socialize with other children. The dramatic play area was located in the right corner of the class. The dramatic play area consisted of a small kitchen and pretend food, a cash register with cash and coins, multicultural dolls and strollers, and a closet with dress up clothes, hats, scarves, feathers, purses, and shoppings bags. At the time of my observation, I was able to witness free play of two girls and two boys, a third girl was on and off of the dramatic play area.
I stayed in the corner where I had access to the entire dramatic play area. I was able to hear and see everything without disturbing and/or making the children uncomfortable by my presence there. Diego, went to the closet and grab a police helmet, when the teacher asked him what he was doing he responded, “I am an astronaut.” Eloise, grabbed a doll, a blanket, and a shopping bag
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