Dramatic Structure: Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare Exposition: The scene is set in Messina, Italy. In this state there is a wealthy landowner who is also the Governor named Leonato. He is a good natured man that has one child, a daughter named Hero. He also has a niece named Beatrice who is quick witted and, as Don Pedro points out, “a pleasant spirited lady”, although she is secretly a scorned woman that is bitter at being left by a man named Benedick years before. We learn about Beatrice’s distain and long time feud with Benedick, whom is also a master of prose and banter. There is a very important Nobleman coming to visit his longtime friend Leonato on his way to return home from victory in war. This man is Don Pedro, who is called…show more content…
They all three then go to outside of Hero’s bedroom and see Borachio and the back of Margaret as they are making love. Borachio is screaming out Hero’s name (as they have done in the past to role play) and therefore the Prince and Claudio are convinced that Hero is the woman in the arms of another man. The next day, during the wedding, Claudio denounces Hero’s honor and tells everyone about what he had seen. When it is verified by the Prince and the Bastard that they witnessed the same thing, Hero falls to the ground in a pile of lifelessness and the Prince, the Bastard, and Claudio leave the courtyard. Leonato attacks his daughter for her actions but the Friar and Beatrice stop him from potentially killing her. The Friar and Beatrice know that Hero is innocent and suspect that the Prince and Claudio have been led astray by the jealous Bastard. The Friar points out that Hero was left for dead and suggests that they should let everyone know that Hero died from the stress of the public accusation and humiliation. This way Claudio can truly suffer for what he has done to Hero and also she will be able to get her reputation cleared once the truth is discovered. Leonato and his brother Antonio agree and Hero is taken secretly into the house of Antonio while the rest get the funeral arrangements started. Benedick tries to comfort Beatrice during this most distressing time and professes his love for her and she vows her love to him if he
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