Dramatic Symbolism

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Symbolisms were used in the Old Testament to distinguish between good and evil. The symbols portray a likeness between the entities used as a symbol and usually have a parallel to follow. Symbols can be drawn from historical and/or cultural backgrounds. Apocalyptic literature popularly applied to a group of fourteen books whose place in the canon of the Old Testament is affirmed by the Roman Catholic Church but is denied by Protestant Churches. The period of transition and decay followed the return of the Jews from Babylon, being written chiefly, if not entirely, between 300 and 30 BC. A few of the outstanding characteristics are the absence of the prophetic element, a somewhat romantic treatment of the past, involving errors, and…show more content…
Within the tabernacle, the Israelites were instructed to make a veil woven of blue, purple, and scarlet (Exodus 26:31). Purple being the chosen color for royalty brings out the reasoning for the color used for the clothing of Jesus’ robe as written in Mark 15:17. Purple was also the color used for Mordecai’s apparel (Esther 8:15) and Ahasuerus’ palace (Esther 1:6). The attractive color of Scarlet placed it next to Purple as a symbol of wealth and station. It was used in the hangings of the tabernacle, in the priestly garments and for certain ceremonies (Exodus 26:1, 28:6; Numbers 19:6). Scarlet clothing was a sign of prosperity (2 Samuel 1:24; Proverbs 31:21). Its brilliance made it an example for all that is glaring, for instance, the sins of Israel (Isaiah 1:18). Vermillion is a bright red paint used for painting houses and idols (Jer. 22:14; Ezek. 23:14). Scholars reflect their meanings according to scripture have described other colors that are not mentioned in the Bible. Red for instance is the color of blood. Among primitive races, including Hebrews, blood was regarded with religious awe. It was believed by the Hebrews to be the seat of the soul, the principle of Life itself. In the light of this conception of blood are to be understood the manifold social and religious customs, including sacrifice, which were practiced by the Israelites. Therefore, Red can have a meaningful
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