Dramatic Tension in Act 2, Scene 2 of Macbeth Essay

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Macbeth assignment
What do you consider to be the most successful stage effect and language techniques used to create dramatic tension in Act 2, Scene 2?
Macbeth is a well known, famous story by William Shakespeare which is about the tragedy of ambition and how it destroys Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Both are forever damned to a state of fearful awareness, and insomnia as a result of murdering King Duncan. This sets off an unstoppable chain of events which ends in Macbeth himself being killed and Lady Macbeth committing suicide. In the play the lack of sleep becomes fatal, as a result of the murder they committed, and the awareness is terrifying because of the continuous agony of recurring nightmares of their deeds.
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In the scene of the murder of King Duncan, Shakespeare has intended to draw the attention more on the reaction of Macbeth caused by the murder instead of the murder itself. The accounts that describe the bloody scene are more alive in our imagination than any stage effect. This is why the killing of King Duncan is not set in a public place; however setting the murder off-stage is one of the successful stage effects as it is the start of the gradual build up of dramatic tension.

Act II scene II takes place during the night, therefore the symbol of darkness is used to introduce the unnatural elements like cruel destiny and evil. The entire act is marked by the murder of King Duncan and the visual effect of the dagger, and it keeps the build up of dramatic tension and suspense by questioning if Macbeth will actually have the courage to kill his king. While Lady Macbeth is waiting for her husband, the tension of the play slowly begins to increase. The stage effect of the screeching of the owl is considered by Lady Macbeth to be a good sign, as the owl represents the messenger of death, “The fatal bellman”. This sound effect of the owl emphasizes in our minds the idea of death, the idea of execution; although the owl is a good device to create dramatic tension it can be very difficult for the
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