Dramatic Tension in J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls Essay

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Dramatic Tension in J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls An Inspector Calls was written in 1946, many decades after the end of World War One and just after World War Two. However the actual play is back in 1912; before World War one and just before the start of voyage of The Titanic. Furthermore at the time of spring 1912, most people did not fear of German resistance, as there seemed to be no possibility that Britain would intervene; and they had all justified that the Titanic was unsinkable. The fact that the story is set in this period is important because it is the basis for most of the irony that occurs in the story. This shows just how naïve and ironic Mr. Birlings speeches actually are.…show more content…
Also certain items which are on the table portray how the family are able to afford expensive items. There is a 'decanter of port' and a 'cigar box' which contains cigarettes. Cigarettes then were also expensive and only the rich smoked them. The men at the table are also dressed in 'tails and white ties' which shows that they are of high class, especially well dressed for this occasion. The stage directions end with the line 'At the moment they have all had a good dinner, are celebrating a special occasion, and are all pleased with themselves' This final line is ironic because being pleased with themselves, later on they are all more guilty than pleased with themselves, and it turns out that there is nothing to be pleased about. The aura of the room is 'substantial and heavily comfortable, but not cosy and homelike' This sentence proves that there is an absence of love in the family, every person in the family is interested in money and the prospect of making more money than the actual wedding itself. The opinion that the aura is "heavily comfortable" does not imply that people are cost, it implies that everyone is comfortable where they are, because they all know that the wedding will mean that two businesses will emerge and also there will be money in the decision for
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