Dramaturgical Perspective Views Our Daily Interaction Like We Are On A Stage Performance All The Time

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Dramaturgy Concepts in NCIS
The dramaturgical perspective views our daily interaction like we are in a stage performance all the time. In the Tv show NCIS there are so many examples of dramaturgy. This shows so many of the concepts of dramaturgy. This show is the navy version of CSI. NCIS is only called when it involves a Navy officer that was either kidnapped or murdered. The cast on NCIS are Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, forensic specialist Abby Sciuto, chief medical examiner Donald Mallard, Special Agent Timothy McGee, Jimmy Palmer, Director Leon Vance, Agent Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop, Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn.
Dramaturgy concepts
The primary concepts of dramaturgy include Front region,
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The interrogation room can become a back region when Gibb’s wants to get something out of a suspect. Gibbs will turn the video camera off and that is when it becomes part of the back region.
There are a couple of in face examples. The examples are at crime scenes and also while talking to the victim’s family. The agents are in face at a crime scene because they have to act like professionals and they also want people to know that they are serious at their job. They are also in face when they have go an inform the victim’s family that the family member is dead, but they found out who murdered them and that the murderer will get the punishment that they deserve. They are also in face when they go and inform the family of the victim that they have found their family member alive.
There are so many moments that the NCIS team gets out of face. One moment was when Abby was trying to find out who Ellie Bishop’s boyfriend was and she did an analysis and it said it was Gibbs but it turned out to be someone else. another moment was when McGee was trying to get someone else to keep the engagement ring until he got up the courage to ask Delilah to marry him, so that Delilah would not find the ring. To get his team back on track, Gibb’s will sometimes give one of them a slap in the back of the head.
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