Drastic Changes Throughout The Management Of The World ` S Water Supply

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Drastic changes in the management of the world`s water supply is necessary to prevent a severe global water deficit. According to the World Water Development Report, 70 percent of the water used today goes to agriculture. To meet future demands, it is estimated that agricultural production must increase by 60 percent in 2050, worldwide. Already today hundreds of millions of people lack access to safe and reliable water sources. However, the UN believe there’s hope of recovery if water resources are managed in a different way. “The fact is that there is enough water to meet the world 's needs. But not without a dramatic change in the way water is used, managed and shared”, said Michel Jarraud, head of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Global Almond Market vs. California`s Water Drought Significant stakeholders: • State legislators and regulators – New knowledge and technology can challenge old regulations, and too often these systems are inconsistent with each other. States should synchronize their regulations with adjacent jurisdictions in order to create better efficiency. Adjusting to excessive amounts of standards is preventing companies to pursue innovation and improvement (Source). • The U.S Water Sector – Serving as the largest in the world, it has shockingly acted quite reactive rather than proactive in adopting new innovations in the water industry. Their approach is conservative, and major investments are geared towards clean energy rather than new

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