Drawing Back the Curtain by D. Healey

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"Drawing Back The Curtain" by Denis Healey_ The text under the title "Drawing Back the Curtain" by Denis Healey begins with the description of Russia in the early years after the war. The author speaks about the changes in looks at the Soviet Union, about its generation which analyzed the nature of totalitarianism. Mr. Healey believes no power could destroy national traditions which were rooted in centuries of history. After Stalin 's death the author says Soviet Communism carried the seeds of its own destruction, but it was no reason for laying beneath the surface. The author shares his views saying he was fascinated by Russia being a schoolboy. Compared to their Western rivals Denis Healey admits that the great Soviet people seemed…show more content…
It seemed too good to last, but it was a simple truth that the signs of cultural thaw were everywhere. Lots of theatres, circuses and music halls were at people 's disposal. Anyone could visit them to their heart 's content. Mr. Healey wasn 't an exception to the rule. He swallowed them on the wing. Later the author assumes that the atmosphere got better when he came in 1963. He learned much from these visits to Russia, restricted though they were, and was to learn more still from later visits. He was buried in thought how much changes could affect all the aspects of life, and how useful were short visits when made annually. While reading the text we come across many stylistic devices used by the author to make his speech more emotional. Striking example of this are such sentences as: "I had been fascinated by Russia...", "I was impressed by pre-war Soviet culture..." showing a tender attitude of Mr. Healey towards everything connected with our homeland. Lots of metaphors are also used: "The Russia of Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky and Herzen..." - this means Russia isn 't a simple country, but motherland of many outstanding people. "No power could destroy its national traditions...". The author proves it 's impossible to clear out all the habits and traditions in people

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