Drawing Parallels Between Ancient Rome And The U.s. Today Essay

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"Drawing Parallels Between Ancient Rome and the U.S. Today." Interview by Steve Inskeep. NPR News. NPR, 22 Nov. 2006. Web. 2 Aug. 2015. In the interview Steve Inskeep, he interviews Mr. Robert Harris over how the roman empire draws a comparison to today American. He goes onto point out several details that move to make his point, and makes some compelling points. While maintaining that he didn 't originally intend to make such parallels from Rome to America. While this is a very interesting interview, I plan on using some of what was said. There are parts in here where I question the interview on some of the things he asks. Overall this proves to be a decent source to use. The Editors. "U.S. Military Bases and Empire." Monthly Review. N.p., Mar. 2002. Web. 2 Aug. 2015. Covering history of American bases over seas with detail since just after the cold war, it goes into detail over how the Americans were able to take bases overseas and hold them. Once the Americans were able to get their hands on those bases it also goes into detail over what they went through to keep the bases, once they had outlived their original mission as they moved on to the next one. I will likely be using this as I believe it provides a clear and easy to understand nature of the bases, and their affect on American global peacekeeping. Fagan, Garrett G. "Lecture 1 Why Study Battles? What Is War? the Ancient World." Great Battles of the Ancient World. The Pennsylvania State

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