Dream Analysis

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This reflective essay illustrates Freud’s theory of dream analysis. It will begin with a brief overview of Freudian dream theory and will go on to describe the various components of personality structure and the unconscious from a psychodynamic perspective. This essay will analyse one of my personal dreams using Freud’s dream analysis theory and conclude with a critical reflection on the application of his theory as it relates to my dream.
When Freud famously referred to dreams as being the ‘royal road to the unconscious’, he meant that dreams were a way in which to access the unconscious mind. Dream analysis in psychoanalysis is the process used to explore the role dreams play in the unconscious (Corey, 2005). The
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The latent content is the underlying, hidden part of the dream that holds the true meaning of the unconscious desires (Solms, 2000). The process by which the latent content is transformed into the disguised manifest content is what Freud referred to as the dream work (Sharpe, 1988). The dream work can disguise the latent views through the following four mechanisms: ‘condensation’ (the condensing of multiple thoughts into one), ‘displacement’ (replaces a latent element by a concealed trivial reference to it e.g. your mother is represented as a cat), ‘symbolism’ (which transforms thoughts into visual elements) followed by a process of ‘secondary revision’ in which the dreaming mind takes all these distorted elements and organises them into a more comprehensible format (Schredl, 2008)
In order to analyse my dream through Freudian interpretation I will begin by discussing the manifest content. I will attempt to break up the story in the dream and look at the individual items and events. In my dream I am walking out of a car park onto a street with many tall buildings, heading towards my counselling practice class. I am flustered as I have rushed to get to my class on time. As I am walking, I look down and see that I am wearing my husbands’ work boots. They have a lot of mud on them. I suddenly begin to feel how large and heavy they are on me. I stop walking as I suddenly feel a big a rush of
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