Dream Analysis: Personal Narrative

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“Such are the familiar dreams of falling from a height, of teeth falling out, of flying and of embarrassment of being naked” (Freud 69). These dreams that we experience, are believed to be representations of our desires or fears, according to Freudian ideology. Sigmund Freud also believed that there existed a structural model for our personalities that consisted of the id, ego, and superego. He held the idea that the id was an instinctual drive that relied upon the pleasure principle. Conversely, however outrageous the desire was, it was repressed by the superego. This superego functioned as a censor, which assisted us in undertaking socially acceptable behaviors, by repressing urges from the id. The ego acted upon the reality principle …show more content…
In the end of my dream I ended up failing the test due to my unpreparedness. The test being failed was a symbol of how I was going to fail college and life if I did not have a plan. I realized that the clock was ticking and that I needed a goal, which would be my major. The plan I needed was to figure out which classes to take to reach my program that I wanted to get into. I realized I had to select a major quickly and move forward if I wanted to do well in life.
Anxiety dreams also may uncover what people truly desire. My classmate, Gracia, experienced a dream in which her loved ones died. Her dream set out in what seemed to be a zombie apocalypse. During the zombie apocalypse, Gracia was upstairs in her room, when she suddenly heard what sounded to be a break in. In response, she rushed to her mother’s room to find her mother lying lifeless on the floor. Fearful that her younger brother may have been be facing the same danger, she hurried to locate him. As soon as Gracia finds him, she sees how he had been preparing for the zombie apocalypse with his bows and other weapons. Longing to protect her younger brother, she tried to convince him to stay with her, but he wandered off to battle the zombies. Although Gracia attempted to defend her little brother, he ended up being slaughtered right in front of her. This sparked an extreme sadness in her, which made fleeing quite difficult. While escaping, she glances back to see her house set ablaze. “…the
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