Dream And Different Dream Theories

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Dream and different dream theories Mamata Shrestha Red Rocks Community College Dream and different dream theories We dream every day. Sometimes people remember what they dream, and sometime people forget what they dream about. There is a possibility of forgetting the dreams by the time a person gets out of bed. It is thought that everyone dreams between 3 to 6 times per night, and it lasts between 5 to 20 minutes. A dream is something that we experienced during sleep. Our dream can include images, thoughts, and emotions. It can be vivid or very confusing. Images in a dream are sometimes symbols for things in everyday life. As compared to men, women dream about family, children, and indoor settings. However, there are many…show more content…
During sleep, conscious experience is driven by internally generated stimuli that have no apparent behavioral consequences. According to Freud, dreams symbolizes unconscious wishes and that analysis of dream symbols could uncover our hidden desires. There are five phases of sleep in a sleep cycle; phase 1 – light sleep with slow movement of eye which forms 4-5% of total sleep, phase 2 – eye movement stops and brain waves becomes slower which forms 45-55%of total sleep, phase 3 – extremely slow brain waves which comprises 4-6% of total sleep, phase 4 -deep sleep phase with no eye movement or muscle activity which forms 12-15% of total sleep, and phase 5- it is also called REM sleep where breathing becomes more rapid, irregular and shallow, and it forms 20-25% of total sleep time (Nichols, 2017). I went to Texas last month to visit friends and family. My friend and I had a conversation about her friend who got divorced around ten years ago. She was planning to get married to a man who she knew for couple of years. I saw their wedding pictures in a Facebook last week. The only thing I knew was they got married, but I had this dream 3 days ago where the guy was torturing his wife. The reason for him torturing his wife was his family as his family was against the wedding. In the dream, I was with his wife trying to save her from him, and I did save her
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