Dream In The American Dream

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The American Dream, has stereotypically branded a permanent mental image of a successful and stunning married couple standing in front of their perfect white picket fence, 1.5 children, and in the back ground is their classic, cookie-cutter, utopian house. However, this idea has wrongly become the standard model to living a successful life. This “American Dream’ now excludes a large, diverse group of people; the poor and the immigrants who have given everything to migrate and relocate only to have their dreams become farther away from reality. This harsh, and rather unrealistic, utopian mental picture does not accurately show the dreams of all people, and is only merely a dream society has portrayed. Millennials especially, have taken note and are reacting with very different mindsets than the generations that have come before them. The millennials desire more and are attempting to make a change. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to understand. Dreams have strange concepts that some people do not fully comprehend, especially ones that seem out of range. However, fantasy is an essential component in surviving. Dreams and goals differ, yet are constantly mixed up, confused and misused. The terms are unique in their own ways, have very distinct aspects but somehow still become intertwined. People’s modern goals typically include graduating school, getting a degree, obtaining a job and becoming successful enough to have a decent paycheck that supports all the basic
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