Dream Interpretation Speech Essay

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Topic: Dream Interpretation
Specific purpose: After hearing my speech, the audience will be able to explore more about one’s dream and start to understand how their own dreams work.
Central idea: The meaning of dream interpretation and how it really works?
First of all, have anyone here seen or experienced something that you might think is already happened somewhere before? I myself also experienced this kind of experience. If so, I hope that my speech can explain more and help you all to understand more about what happened and how is it relate to your dream. Of course, I will have to go over some basic stuff while hoping that everyone will stay awake. 1. So what is dream interpretation?
Dream interpretation or
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Many dream researchers believe in universal dream symbols, that the images we see in our dreams are the same for everybody. Thus, numerous dream dictionaries are on the market. However, we believe the same image can mean different things for different people. As such a book like a dream dictionary, which gives a very specific meaning for certain images, is usually not much use. One thing here that is important to know is the author of the dream dictionary was not the author of your dream. You were. 4. Steps in dream interpretation…. a. Record dreams
To Record dreams is of vital importance to an accurate dream interpretation. But in order to record them you must remember them, right? How many of your night time escapades can you remember clearly? If you are anything like me, you will remember from 1-3 dreams every night, record all of them and begin the process of dream interpretation straight away. If not, all those wonderful images and adventures would be lost forever!
Once you have recorded your dream, make separate notes on:
• How you felt when you woke up from the dream
• The main dream images
• Overall feeling while dreaming
These images show some creative ways to approach dream recording and that ultimately aid dream interpretation. b. Identifying dream symbols
The next important step of dream interpretation is to identify your dream symbols. Dream symbols are any dream images that have played
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