Dream Phones Essay

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In today's society a social phenomenon that swiftly takes our society by storm is something "cool." How I see today's "in" thing, the rave for having a cell phone is the ultimate "cool" demand. It is most probably due to the "hip" new flip-tops or slim-style with cameras, but regardless what model it is and the reason for having one, people are carrying them. There was a time when it was considered that only the rich were those who can afford cell phones. It is probably still true, but there is another thought needed for the modern world. People today, rich and those even considered poor, have the latest cell phones.

The use of cell phones is a wondrous device that improves my life in many areas, like education and entertainment.
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I can as well watch music videos using my cell phone.

Phones are being created today in which offer a hands-free cell phone so that you can keep both hands on what you are doing while talking. That is a big break from history. Some of these come in the form of headsets and give the user a voice activated sequence, which allows the user to talk into the speaker and the number will instantly be dialed. All ready this has eliminated the chance of your hands being off of what you are doing and depleted the act of dialing the phone.

I sometimes go to class completely forgetting to bring something that I leave in the car but because I save reminders in my cell phone I always have it to remind me to bring my books or papers to class. Luckily that my phone has a camera, I am always able to catch the everyday moments and even send them to my friends' phones for them to see. When I am bored and do not have much to do, I pull out my cell phone and play a game of solitaire to keep me busy until I find something to do. My other phone controls appliances like TVs, components and other gadgets through infrared. I can use my cell phone to communicate using different languages when my friends and I practice our Chinese or French. Another cool feature that I find very useful is that I can use it as a flash light and measure the day's temperature. I do not have to bring a calculator around because my phone has one.

I honestly am fond of watching movies. Through the use
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