Dream Pot And Bud Vase Project

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Method Using a phenomenological method, comparative analysis and grounded theory, the researcher sought to explore the experiences of the teenage girls through expressive art play and group therapy. This reason for inquiry was to understand group member’s perceptions and personal experiences through art. The group facilitator(counselor) fashioned an atmosphere for trust, exclusive creativity and expressionism; allowing members to reveal inner thoughts and personal dilemmas. This in turn allowed members to be less self-conscious and sensitive; eager to listen to opinions from peers and make meaningful connections with each other. Hence, creating an environment free from inhibition, anxiety, and fear; allowing therapist to lead activities which…show more content…
As noted by the counselor, some of the girls felt they had done the assignment wrong, while others became frustrated. However, group members assisted each other, and together they figured the project out. Similarly, with the clay projects, some members struggled with working with clay; acting silly and immature. Nevertheless, as the weeks progressed, the feelings of anxiety and frustration diminished as members became more confident with the activities, group process, and each other(pg.213). Another key point which occurred both during the dream pot and bud vase project(Floratherapy) projects, illustrated how members began to really understand the impact and value of their family members and their importance. As one counselor explains,” The project reminded one of the girls of someone she knew who worked with clay - the project seemed to bring about happy memories for her. Flowers made one of the girls think of her grandma.”…show more content…
Often, this is quite difficult to do among teenagers, however; in the group setting, working with the activity enabled members to lighten anxiety as they were able to transfer feelings into their artistic creations. A bond was formed, and most members expressed feelings of sadness because the group was coming to an end(pg.214). Equally important was the sense of pride and accomplishment as expressed by the members in regards to the completing their projects and having the choice to either keep or give them away, which they later shared with the group. The facilitator documents how members felt like they accomplished something of value and worth (bud vase project). Also, frequently students would check on their projects between sessions in the counselor’s office. This feeling of pride embolden and increased their confidence as well as self-esteem. Notably, these experiences help to improve the relationships and increase the bond between members and their loved
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