Dream Relationship With Psychological Well Being

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Dream Relationship with Psychological Well-Being Rachael Martinez S0072674 Front Range Community College Dream Relationship with Psychological Well-Being We are always trying to decipher our dreams in one way or another. Are our dreams tied to our emotions? Are they triggered by random thoughts? What are the meaning of our dreams or do they not mean anything? This longitudinal study is going to help us answer some of those questions. There have been several studies throughout the years regarding dreams states, but this study is the first published in 2006 that reviews the correlation between dream content and psychological well-being (Pesent & Zadra, 2006). Please follow along as we review this important study. This study examines the correlation between our dream states and our psychological well-being conducted by Nicholas Pesant and Antonio Zadra. They had two hypotheses they were testing in this study. The first one they tested is does the participants psychological well-being scores correlate with their positive or negative dream characteristics? The second one was would their dream characteristics change over the two different time periods of the study if the psychological well-being scores reduced? In the main body of this review will be discussing the method, process, results and a discussion about this study. The first step that was taken was to recruit the participants’. They used the newspaper to announce their series of studies looking for
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