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I come from a small town and a family who hasn’t always had luxurious things but has never went without the things we must have. For that I will forever be grateful. Watching my father and mother struggle to provide for my sisters and I strongly motivated me to want to earn a higher education. I hope to have a career that I both enjoy and that allows me to provide many things for myself and future family. I know that because of my family’s financial stability this will not because easy.
I have many goals in life, one of those being to become a dentist. I do not want to be just any dentist, I want to be a dentist for low income families so that more people are able to afford the proper dental care. To do so I have a long rigorous road ahead of me but I am not frightened by this. I have always strived to attended school and my desire to do so will only become stronger as I get older. I love learning because while one might not always have a lot in life, if you have knowledge, there are no limits. I have always believed that knowledge is power and not only will getting a higher
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When students think about going to college of course the first thing they think of is the cost. However, I am not going to just any college, I am going to a private all women’s college, not because I want to but because I need to. Meredith College is the best fit for me for so many reasons. One of those reasons being that they offer a pre-dental program that other public universities do not. Paying for a private college is already going to be hard for my family and I not to mention paying for dental school after I graduate undergrad school. I have applied to many scholarships and already received quite a few but I am still far from reaching my goal of being able to comfortably pay for my college
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