`` Dream Story `` By Arthur Schnitzler

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Arthur Schnitzler’s piece, “Dream Story,” constructs the tale of a man’s desire to stray from the norm where he wishes to lose himself and reality. In Schnitzler’s work, there is a loss of mindfulness for modern society in order to explore a more coveted lifestyle full of pleasures. The author’s tactics encompass foreshadowing, symbolism, and figurative language to give a full account on this gentleman’s journey to a warped reality. “Dream Story” employs the use of symbolism to differentiate the gaps between the double lives led by Fridolin, the main character of the novel. As a doctor, Fridolin’s character is associated with white as he wears the white doctor’s coat each day at work. However, when he enters the secret society that holds a masquerade he wears a red mask and the majority of the attendees Fridolin describes as having “blood red mouths” (3054). This transition from white, a symbol for pureness and the greater good, to a blood red, an indicator for the devil, hell, and evil, highlights a great difference between each lifestyle. The white of the lab coat signifies the cultural norms and values that Fridolin has followed and upheld his entire life up until the point that he enters the secret society. The red of the secret society acts as a stain on his good reputation and signifies the great danger he encounters upon entering this society among individuals he does not know. Interestingly, red also signifies communism, a poorly regarded form of government that…
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